Cosmos CD



The third duo CD by Helena Torpy and Steve Turner, available from December 2016.

With this our latest CD, the emphasis is on our own dance tunes, particularly waltzes in various times and mazurkas. Original instrumental duets, played on fiddle, accordion and harmonic overtone flute.

Track List

1. Australopithecus

Listen (MP3 extract)

2. The Oaken Pin

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3. The Greenfinch

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4. Steve's Cafe Waltz

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5. Nibbling The Raspberries

6. Torbryan Church

7. Little Cloud

8. It Goes The Other Way

9. Mr Turner's Hornpipe

10. Mr and Mrs Goodacre's Wedding Mazurka

11. Winter Comes Again

12. Pat's Mazurka Waltz

Total playing time : 49:25