English and Border Music for Pipes CD

English and Border Music for Pipes


Traditional English and Border music arranged for bagpipes and accordion by David Faulkner and Steve Turner. Exciting pipe music spanning four centuries, much of it previously unrecorded, encompassing dance tunes, slow airs and sets of variations.

Track List

1. Mitford Galloway

2. Lasses Make Your Tails Toddle

3. The Bonny Miller / Rusty Gully

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4. When I Was A Lady / The Lilly

5. Jack Warrel's Hornpipe

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6. Boxing Hares / A Hornpipe

7. Cuddy Claw'd Her

8. The Silver Pin / An Ye Had Been Where
    I Have Been You Would Not Been So Canty

9. Hey My Nanny / Hit Her Between The Legs

10. Alloa House

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11. Welch Hornpipe

Total playing time : 58:45